Air Travel & The Airlines.

Within the past two weeks I have traveled with three different airlines; Delta, Spirit and American Airlines and I have to say that by far the worse one was Spirit. 1st of all it would appear that they over book their flights and then claim that customers were late checking in at the counter, even when they were clearly on time, then to  make matters worse they won’t refund the customer’s money and it would appear that this is how they are able to make money. I can understand that there fares are cheap and we get it but don’t create situations to cheat customers out of their money. The main reason why people choose to Spirit if because they are cheap and we know it and we don’t expect any thing else. I was scheduled to depart on Tuesday along with several other customers and while I was able to make arrangements to stay another night some people could not make those arrangements and had to purchase a flight with another airline so that they could get out that night. I also know that it took sometime and arguing for one of the individuals to get a partial refund. While other airlines might loss some money because they are willing to refund or arrange for other flights to accommodate their customer’s travel plans. If you have ever travelled on Spirit Arilines, please share your experience with our readers. It is about time we start letting these companies know that they have competition by not using their service and put them in financial ruin. Thanks and visit us again. RKVTalks